GearBest Global Launch: A Place to Find the Latest Gadgets in Town

GearBest recently added a new page called “Global Launch page” to their website. You can access the page here.

The goal of this page is to showcase the latest gadgets and innovation in town. Both newly launched and upcoming launches.

If you are a tech enthusiast, you will find this page very interesting. Products showcased on this page span through all tech categories, from household gadgets to smartphones and tech fashion.

According to GearBest, value buyers, gift buyers, early adopters, drop shippers and also affiliates will benefit most from the Global Launch page. One of the promised benefits of the Global Launch page for shoppers is being able to get latest gadget in town at the lowest price before it gets to the general market.

Shopping on the Global Launch page is quite easy

You can shop on the Globle Launch page with easy as GearBest has taken the time to organize the page well for easy navigation.

There are two ways the page has been organized for your convenience: Firstly, there are 5 different category tabs displayed horizontally and they are Top Deals, Electronics, Cool Gadgets, Smart Life, and Fashion Style.

You can use these tabs to explore the different products available depending on what you want.

Global Launch Page Navigation

Secondly, the Global Launch Page is split into 4 sections and they are as follows:

  • Weekly launch products: For latest launched products of the week.
  • Monthly launch products: For the latest launched products in the past month.
  • Coming soon: Get the scoop on the freshest and most exciting products.
  • Hottest selling products: This is the section to find the most popular products and deals on GearBest.

GearBest Global Launch Page Sections

Tips for getting the most out of the Global Launch Page

1. Make sure to check it regularly to find the latest gadgets and goods in town.

2. If you find any product in the “Coming soon” section which interests you, make sure to note arrival date and also use the ‘arrival notice’ feature to stay informed.

3. If you are a value buyers or a gift buyers, you can benefit from almost every section, especially if you are looking for a touch of inspiration and buying ideas.

4. The hottest selling products section provide important product demand information for both drop shippers and affiliates. If you are a drop shipper or an affiliate, you can take advantage of this section to boost your business.


The Global Launch page is a new and exciting way to shop at GearBest. You can take advantage of this to find the latest and upcoming products on GearBest and stay ahead of the game.

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